Security & Storm Doors

When you want to add that extra level of protection for the things that matter most consider a security door or window screen from Tru-Frame®. Tru-Frame® offers security screens for hinged doors, sliding patio doors, multi-slide patio doors and windows.

Security Screen doors by Tru-Frame® will compliment any new or existing door opening. See below how a VIEWGUARD™ Security Screen door compliments this older door opening.

The VIEWGUARD™ Security Screen door by Tru-Frame®

Our most popular security screen door features an extruded aluminum door panel and three sided perimeter surround. Instead of three or four hinges the VIEWGUARD™ uses a full height continual geared hinge for ease of operation. Utilizing a standard door bore and backset means the View Guard can accommodate virtually any type of door hardware. This includes keyless and remote entry systems.

The Tru-View™ Security Screen Door by Tru-Frame®

The Tru-View™ is our contemporary, narrow line style security screen door. The Tru-View™ Door features an extruded aluminum door and frame components. This door, unlike the VIEWGUARD™ uses three or four hinges depending on the height of the door. The Tru-View™ Security Screen Door is your answer when you are looking for different options in regards to installation options.

The Tru-Frame® Sliding Security Screen Door

The Tru-Frame® Sliding Security Door is available in multiple configurations. From single panel to double panel and even three and four panel sliders, we have a sliding security screen door to fit your needs.

Tru-Frame® Security Window Screens

The Tru-Frame® Security Window Screen comes in multiple configurations and operation. We can build single wide, double wide and even triple wide screens in one continual surround.

The Tru-Frame® Security Screen Door

The Tru-Frame® security screen doors is available in multiple configurations. This door can be made as a single door, French set up or can even be used as the panel in our sliding security door systems.
The Tru-Frame® security screen door features a heavy duty, extruded aluminum frame. The grille is an amplimesh extruded aluminum grill that gives complete protection throughout the surface of the door.
With multiple installation options available, the Tru-Frame® security screen door truly is a door for virtually any opening.

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